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How many customers are you losing per month simply because they can’t find your products or services when they need them?

When we need to find something, Google has the answers. But what if your products or services are not on the first page of Google search results when someone is looking for them? It means only one thing – your competitors are getting those customers, not you. The perfect solution to this is Google ads.

Google ads are also referred to as pay-per-click ads (PPC) or search engine marketing (SEM). Google ads work perfectly in situations when you want to get calls or leads fast. So what is the difference between SEO and Google ads? Search engine optimization takes months to get you to the top of the search results. Moreover, it does not guarantee high rankings in highly competitive industries. By contrast, placing ads on Google allows you to be at the top of search results and start getting leads within days.

What do I personally love most about Google ads?  You get to fully control your budget and decide when to pause or reactivate your ads if your products go out of stock or you simply go on vacation. They are like a magic “start-stop” button for your online business.




There are several ad options that may work for you depending on what your business aims to sell online: text ads, shopping ads, call-only ads, app promotion apps.



     Text Ads                  Application Download Ads                   Call Only Ads                             Shopping Ads


Check out this article to find out which types of ads may suit your business best.




 Keyword and Competitor Research

To ensure the success of the campaign, we make sure to do a thorough keyword research in order to find the best search queries to target. Another aspect that we take care of is the landing page. It has to be attractive, relevant to the search and properly optimized to maximize the conversions.


Landing Page Optimization




Account Set Up or Optimization.

Once we know who to target and which keywords to use, we





Our charge for the initial setup of Google ads campaign is $500. At no additional cost we provide:

  • A thorough keyword research. We make sure that you get the best audience reach within your budget.
  • Adjustments in the process. As the campaign starts to deliver its first results, we will make adjustments for free to improve its efficiency in the areas where they are needed.
  • Free campaign prolongation. If you’d like to continue to run your campaign after 1 month we’ll do it at no additional cost. You pay $0 to us and only pay to Google for clicks on your ads.
  • Performance reports. We’ll send them to you once a month or more often at your request.
  • Billing reports. You will receive them once a month so you could see the actual amount Google charges you for clicks.

Contact us at (469) 920-1694 or go@habbamarketing.com to get the estimates for your Google Ads campaigns.


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