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7 things to consider when outsourcing your social media marketing

7 things to consider when outsourcing your social media marketing

Are you thinking of outsourcing social media marketing? It can be quite a big move for many companies, especially if they’re doing it for the first time. There are many thoughts that run through your mind such as “Are they professional enough?”, “Will it work?”, “No one knows this business better than the people working in the company”. Many of these fears are understandable and perfectly normal. However, what is also true is that no one knows social media marketing better than the people working with it on a daily basis. They may not know (yet) which components your product consists. What they do know, however, is how to engage with the audience that is interested in your products. And this is exactly what makes outsourcing social media marketing so valuable.

There are many factors that predetermine the success of your social media marketing. The most important one of them is the communication between the agency and the company. And it is best if this communication is properly set on the initial planning stage. Setting clear expectations will help the agency incorporate them in social media strategy and properly represent your brand. Moreover, knowing what you want will help you get a better price and avoid extra spending.

Here is a list of questions I recommend to think through if you’re planning to outsource your social media marketing in the near future:

1) Do you already have social media pages or do you need the agency to create them for you?

If you’d like the agency to create one or several social media pages for you, it usually comes with an extra charge. When creating a new page, the agency adds the information about your company, as well as products to a catalog if you have one. They also do the right settings for the page and set the target audience to help customers find you.

2) What are your expectations from social media?

A general response from a brand would be “I want more sales”. There is no doubt that sales are an important aspect of why brands invest into social media. However, keep in mind that pushy selling on social media has to be balanced with engaging posts that entertain your audience and provide useful content. We all feel irritated sometimes by too many ads in our news feed. At the same time, we love useful information and fun posts about the topics we are passionate about. Giving your audience a little bit of both will help you create better engagement and build trust among your target audience. If you haven’t had much success with your social media marketing or not sure how to make the right start, ask the agency to help you balance out the content on your page and make it more engaging for the audience.

3) How many social media channels are you planning to outsource and what are they?

The price for social media marketing services often depends on the number of accounts you would like the agency to run. If you have never outsourced your social media management and have some doubts, it’s ok to outsource one social media channel to the agency and then see if you’d like to outsource the rest later.

4) Does your company have social media marketing guidelines that your agency needs to know about?

Let your agency know if you have social media marketing guidelines. Sometimes it’s a hundred page tutorial and sometimes it’s just a couple of rules that you go by. Once the agency understands your basic requirements for social media, they will be able to meet your expectations and represent the brand properly online. Make sure to discuss the most important points with your agency before they start working on your social media pages.

5) Who will interact with your customers once they send a request or make a comment?

All businesses are different, so are the ways companies prefer to interact with their target audience. Before you outsource you social media marketing, decide whether you would like the agency to respond to private messages and comments. Or would you rather trust this to someone from your company who knows the product well? As an option, you may provide the agency with contacts from different departments within your company. This way they will double check the response with your team before posting it on social media. But do remember that the audience on social media expects a response right away which is why it’s so important to provide your agency with the right contacts.

6) Who will provide the marketing plan for your social media pages?

Do you already have a marketing plan for social media or would you like the agency to create a month-by-month plan for you ahead of time? This is probably the most important point that you need to discuss with your agency. Why? Because the success of social media marketing will depend on how well you manage to incorporate your general marketing strategy into day-to-day communication with your customers. If you want the agency to provide you with a plan, make sure to let them know ahead of time of special events or product promotions coming up within the next month. This way they can really help you boost your business through their area of responsibility.

7) Who will be creating content for your social media pages?

A good social media plan is all about balance. And a good balance means a combination of promotional and entertaining posts as well as useful educational content. Depending on the industry, it may mean that only the technical specialists in your company can create or have already created such content. Be sure to provide your agency with such content. However, make sure that it’s relevant and up to date. If your business is not too technical, you may fully outsource content writing to your marketing agency.

I hope these tips will help make your decision and successfully outsource your social media management. In order to get details and our pricing for social media management services, please email at go@habbamarketing.com or call at +1 469 920 1694.

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