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4 greats types of Google ads you can try for your business

4 greats types of Google ads you can try for your business

Placing Google ads on the first page of search results is a great way to help customers find you at the exact time when they need you. As you plan your online ads campaign, keep in mind these 4 types of Google ads that may work for you depending on what your business aims to sell online:

1. Text ads

It is always best to add extensions to text ads in order to give your customers information they need to give you a call or click on your website. These extensions include site links to ad-related pages on your website, seller ratings, location information, contact phone number. It can even be a link to download an app if this is the aim of your ads.

Text ads work perfectly if you want to advertise your products or services in general, drive foot traffic to your store or website traffic to your website. Text ads are by far the most popular type of Google ads.

Here is a great example of a text ad with extensions:

google text ad with extensions

2. Shopping ads

They are a good fit if you’re a retailer who wants to drive traffic to specific products you want to advertise. And just look how attractive they look: the customer gets to see the picture, the rating if you have it, as well as the price right away before you even pay for a click. This way the customer only clicks on your ad if it matches his price, color, model or rating expectations.

Google displays shopping ads either at the top or at the top right of the page:

shopping ads on google

3. Call-only ads

Call-only ads work great for mobile phones. They work especially well for businesses that have something to do with emergency services (locksmith, car key replacement, roadside assistance, plumbing, etc).

These ads show only on mobile phones and have a call button, so the person can dial your number without even going to your website. You pay only if the customer decides to make a call and clicks on the call button.

call only ad

4. App promotion apps

These ads are specifically for businesses that want to advertise their app and encourage app downloads.

app promotion app

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